Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The Christ Chronicles is a story that Ive wanted to write/illustrate for a long time. I remember channel surfing one sunday back in the 70's, and this contemporary version of the Gospels was on TV with all this crazy singing hippies! I remember being mesmerized by the approach the writer/songwriters used and wanted desperately to tell do my own twist on the story but lacked the illustrating skills at the time to pull it off. I also recall times in my own Bible Study, reading the Gospel and having this crazy dialogue going on in my head when certain characters like Lucifer, The Pharasees, and the various Demon Possessed people would appear on the scene. It's my hope that this series will be entertaining, it certainly has stretched my abilities as an illustrator and taken me in areas I havent explored with my art before.

Ive planned work for this series in my head for a couple of years now, and it's helped me to focus on the humanity of Christ more, which is something that is not really seen, IMO in cartooning and animation.
I wanted the look of Christ to be straight up Jewish, which he was. SInce he was a young man I wanted to portray that youthfulness also. I also wanted to make his skin a little darker than what I usually see depicted also. Let's face it, Israel is in the MIDEAST and its HOT!! LOL!

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