Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nate Kapnicky....Barf oh riffic Caricature artist....

Nate Kapnicky is a guilty pleasure.... If I ever let my dark side loose, I would want to draw like Nate Kapnicky..... Nate is a master at chewing up faces, spitting them out, and using the uneaten parts to make caricatures. His Blogsite, "Jackin faces" is not for the faint of heart,or those of you who like those cute and fuzzy caricatures you sometimes get at theme parks. I visited Nate's site and saw this great pic he did of my caricature pal, Alison Gelbman. Alison's normally cute as a button, but Once Nate put her face through the meat grinder he reduced it to this horrific mish mash you see here. For all it's goryness, it's "totally her!" The man's a genius. All I gotta say is, if you want a "nice" caricature, sit in someone ELSE'S Chair!


vhpayes said...

That's insane. I see a little Marlo Meekins influence.

PS. I drew a quick caricature of you over at my blog.

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

Insane is an understatement. That's pure Nate,though, pure and uncut. One of my regrets is in NOT sittin down with him and pickin his brain when I had the chance. The guy's brilliant at what he does, I wish him much success.

For pure insanity and Zaniness, I can see why you'd think of Marlo. She's an extremely talented cartoonist, and now that she's got that animated "SPUMKO" vibe in her work, she's practically unstoppable.

I Checked out your caricature of me on your blog. Verrrrry kewl. But I need a picture of you so I can get my revenge!!! Shoot me an email so I can hit ya bakk!!!