Friday, March 05, 2010

R and B Train recent subway sketches by Subwaysurfer

I found this great cheapie 99cents spiral notebook that has this fantastic recylcled paper that has the consistantcy and feel of newsprint, but just a tad stronger. I LOVE it! Its has 100's of pages, it fits neatly into a knapsack, or under in my heand, it's big enough to get a good sketch with, it takes to pen and pencil fabulously, and it makes me feel like Im back in Junior Hish school "drawing on the sneak" while in class... PERFECT for subwaysketching!

Ive been riding the "R" and "B" Trains lately, and have noticed that folks are a littttttle more suspicious and agitated on this line than others. Most Manhattan commuters almost expect to see something out of the ordinary when they ride, but commuters on these trains, especially when going back to Brooklyn seem genuinely surprised to see the stange man staring at them while moving his pencil furiously in his notebook......

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