Friday, March 05, 2010

Old dude on the Q22 bus

Yeah, yeah, I KNOW this blog is about SUBWAYSURFING, but some faces are too good to pass up!!!
Take this old man for instance I saw riding the Q22 Bus here, I mean, he looks like the stereotypical "Cranky old man" out of central casting! Dont know what he was mad at, but his eyes were narrowed to literal slits! LOL. He had a brilliant "old man" profile, complete with the stereotypical "hook nose" and a chin that jutted out so far he could jab you with it, and leave a mark! LOL!! No "stereotypical old dude" would be complete unless he had a cane too, and you betcha, he had one! LOL!!

I felt so inspired by his face, I did another memory sketch of him later that captured his essence even better than the first.

I love the MTA!!

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Tel said...

Elgin that IS Bob Hawke the former Aussie Prime Minister - check him out, you got him !!!
What he's doing on the NY subway I don't know ....