Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Bensonhurst Barone" Soccer Coach HERO!

I drew at a great party last week in Besnsonhurst Brooklyn, and got the opportunity to meet and draw, local hero, Peter Barone, the Soccer coach. No, Mr. Barone, isnt "nationally known" doesnt have his own line of sneakers, or has his pic plastered across a cereal box, but Peter coaches soccer to a group of local kids, most of which were at the party,and doinng THAT makes him a hero in my book. It's so important that children have role models to look up to, especially strong male ones who are willing to spend time, provide guidance and teach them the neccessary skills they need for LIFE. Peter may beel that he's "just teaching kids how to kick a ball" but so much is learned on the field about fair play, teamwork, being able to push hast pain and exaustion, and even being able to lose graciously after doing your best, are skills that children learn early and carry with them into the world that ultimately benefits their families, their workplace, their community and their world.

Not to mention that I think Pete's muc is a SCREAM to draw and I promised him that I would DO THIS HA!!! I personally think it's one of the best Gift Caricatures Ive done this year.

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