Sunday, May 23, 2010


Never get tired of drawing "da Brothas" they really WORK at that "machismo look
Really do love drawing African Americans. Since I live in an African American community, I of course get a lot of opportunity to draw and observe. Among AA youth, a lot of emphasis is put into having the right "look". This is understandable and sad considering the harsh environment and circumstances some of these kids have to endure on a daily basis. Having the right "look" becomes an initial line of defense in the Urban Jungle, and even your average street thug wants to pick out what he perceives to be an "easy" victim. Even so calked "civilized " folks who live in the hood have a kind of look that says "I belong here" from a purely anthropological standpoint it's fascinating....
Not all of these kids are thugs, despite their visual abd verbal posturing. Many if them are articulate in speech, intropective, and artistic. There seems to be a type of respect they have for creative types. I've had what other folks might consider thugs, encourage me in and admire my creative work. In some cases, I even catch one if them drop their mask have reveal a little if their personalit, like this kud I drew wearing the "doo rag".

A lot of caricature artists, especially white ones, shy away from caricaturing common, objective features African American features like large white noses, and big lips, for fear of being perceived as "racist" This is ridiculous. It's like accusing an artist as being anti Senatir because he draws a Jewish an with a big nise...who happens to objectivey have one.

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