Tuesday, November 02, 2010

ipad subway caricature: SENORITA BIG EYES by Subwaysurfer

After completing this digital caricature on the ipad I couldnt but help say to myself, "why in the world did I fight against digital painting?" you can paint with such incredible ease, it's added dven MORE fun to my drawing! This particular senorita was enjoying the last precious days of unseasonably warm weather before being assaulted by one of NEW YOUR CITY's legendary winters. I was attrcted to her animated expression, vivacious personality, and very BIG eyes. These things were like saucers! LOL I toned it down a little, wanting to not make them the total focus, because she really did have a lovely face and wanted to capture that as much. Im getting SOOOOO relaxed on the ipad that Its now competing with my traditional drawing style with pen and paper...

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