Thursday, February 03, 2011

Kathleen Gage an Oasis of Water in the Cyberspace Desert

It seems everywhere you look online today, someone is preaching about how they can help YOU strike gold in the cyberspace hills of social media! Sadly, though after you’ve sold the farm and stalked your claim, you find out that you’re only stuck with fools gold in your hand, stranded in a desert wasteland. I know I was.

The truth is, a lot of these so called social media experts, are nothing more than cyber-con artists, whose advice and methods are not backed up by practical experience, and measurable results. The frustrating thing is that you KNOW the truth MUST be out there, but where do you go to find that water In the desert of Cyberspace? How to you keep from chasing after mirages?

Kathleen Gage is an oasis in the desert, who provides that water. In fact. “Pure Water,” is the LITERAL meaning of her first name! Her last name, “Gage” beautifully supports the first name. It’s meaning is “Oath, Promise, or Pledge” “The Promise of Pure Water” That’s what Kathleen Gage is all about, and if you are
thirsty for knowledge that refreshes, sustains and satisfies, you should drink routinely from her well.

In fact, if you need a drink now, just go here!

I had an opportunity to drink from her well the other day as I listened to a broadcast of hers explaining how to effectively use the social media tool, Linkedin . Kathleen provided straight forward, idiot proof information on how to use linkedin and I immediately went to work to impliment what I had learned. I KNOW its going to get me results. My next step was to write Kathleen to thank her personally for giving me great information in the best way that I know how. By offering her something as valuable as she gave me. Her own personalized subwaysurfer style avatar/caricature. here is an excerpt from the letter that i wrote. Be sure to read the letter folks, as there is valuable information in it FOR YOU TOO.

Dear Kahleen, I listened with great interest to your broadcast on the Feb 2nd edition of the Author Helping Authors site. Your insights about marketing on linkedin gave me some very useful ideas,particularly on how to target a specific group in your local area. A couple things you said specifically caught my attention regarding setting up the profile.
"Make sure when you put up your profile, that it's a complete profile, and it's interesting" "you really want to add some character to it"
I couldn't agree more! Especially about the "character" part. In addition to being an e book author, I am also a professional artist who specializes in turning people into characters, literally, through the art of caricature. Ive found it to be a very effective way in personally branding yourself, and the caricature does double duty as an avatar, to be used in online correspondence, and also offline for periodicals and other promotional items. I  provide this service specifically to online marketers at a price that it affordable and within any budget, however modest.
Please accept this one I did of you as my gift. I dont like to get something for nothing, and just wanted to give YOU something to help enhance YOUR business. Thanks So Much!

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling



Kathleen Gage said...

What a delight to read your post and see your interpretation of my cartoon look. I LOVE it!

Kathleen Gage

Lauren McMullen said...

How Cool Kathleen. I love it! How do I get one?