Thursday, February 03, 2011


In a previous post, you heard me sing the phrases of author and social media consultant, Kahleen,"Pure Water"Gage, and if you weren't motivated enough to visit her blog at
Maybe this particular stat, taken from her blog, will make you thirsty enough to drink from her well:

Successfully sold over $7,000 in 48 hours of one eBook as a result of a very well planned and implemented Internet marketing strategy. Over the years that one product has produced well over $250,000 worth of direct and indirect revenue.

I'm not naive enough to "guarantee" that the exact same thing will happen to you, if you follow her advice, but I will say that I'd rather learn from an expert who has DONE IT, rather than a writer who is just "talking about " how to do it. I almost feel guilty about giving you access to her info! I originally wanted to selfishly keep it to myself, butt hats not being a nice cyberspace citizen, so I share....

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