Friday, February 18, 2011

THE MAKING OF AN AVATAR Creating "Captain Actuary" Part two

In My previous post I explained how I crashed and burned on an assignment because I made the mistake of putting "more of myself" into the project than was neccessary. In This Next attempt, I restudied the picture, and decided to draw it with "more estrogen" in mind than Testosterone.

Like in the previous example, I still sketched very rough and very fast in order to ride that wave of emotion neccesary to get the life into the drawing. THIS time, I was thinking on a more whimsical level. As a result, my line quality is less sharper, more rounded.

Here is where I really start finding the forms. I concentrated a lot more on making things more proportionate, although there is still a level of exaggeration. The Abbacus has more of a prominent role, and Ali, The Allosaurus, has a more "Dino Essque" feeling about him. The facial proportions are a lot more "human" looking, the dreadful Hood on the cape thing is gone, and I've also payed a lot more attention to the "CA " Insignia on his chest. Remembering that he is a runner, with very well developed leg muscles, I wanted to emphasize that, so I put him in running shorts and shoes, showing off the bare legs. To add more comic relief i reasoned that if I was riding a dinosaur he would feel pretty rough, Hence, the addition of the pillow.

It goes without saying that Coloring is the best part of the whole thing! Once satisfied, I immediately mailed it off to the client who went absolutely nuts over it!

If theres any lesson to be learned here, its that you should always please the customer first when doing freelance work. Dont be afraid to be critical of your work, take a step back and observe it, you may surprise yourself.

It goes without saying that If you want your own Cartoon Avatoar where i make you into a superhero you, or just plain cartoon you, dont hesitate to drop me a line!

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Alisa said...

This was a gift for my soon to be husband - I am awed at Elgin's ability to capture, perfectly, the image of him from a few emails and some pictures.
I called Elgin about a week before I wanted the gift, it was a last minute idea, on my part, and was nervous and unsure of how to go about getting started. So I simply emailed Elgin asking about prices and information. He amazingly called me that night, and put my mind at ease about how things were done, he asked me about myself as well as my significant other - I emailed him about 10 different pictures, and some other information. The results were, as you can see, FABULOUS!!! I am so excited to have a personal piece of art work, made just for us, that is so unique and special!
Elgin helped to make a special occasion even more amazing and personal! Thank you Elgin, for all of your work and for letting us utilize your amazing gifts!
I am a life-long fan and won't even hesitate working with you again in the future - in fact, I plan to again soon!
-A Very Happy Client