Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Have you ever heard the term, "Starving Artist" there's a reason for this. Truth be told, most artists are "starving" in the sense of personal prosperity. Niw all prosperity means is INCREASE. So when I say prosperity, I mean Increase, advancement, progression in all areas: social, amongst ones peers, professionally, in terms of clients and sphere of influence, and of course, financial. Prosperity has to do with a posture, a mindset, an attitude. When I was a younger artist, I thought that all I had to do was show up with my ability, and I would get the job. Sadly, in a lot if cases, I didn't. What's worse was the jobs I did manage to get paid so marginally, it was like working for free. As you might expect, I approached every job with a "let's see if this works, I hope it does" mindset, and correspondingly I spoke hesitantly, and unauthoritatively, and dressed like a bum...heck, I looked like I was starving, and was treated as such. I can literally recall clients saying to me, " I'm giving you this job, just so I can help you out, so you can get exposure"
I was tired of this, and knew that I needed a change.
I asked my Father for help, and being the wise guy that HE is, I finally began to listen. First thing I did was to see myself as HEE saw me. That I was loved, valued and affirmed. I began to hang on the words he said concerning me, and slowly my attitude and self esteem changed. I began to speak positive words over myself, and instead of waiting for things to happen, I put my nose to the grindstone and worked.
Working hard is one way of presenting your best self, to yourself, and to God.
He's my Father, by the way. There's a passage if scripture that says that whatever your hands find to do, that you do it with all your might, and that one should do ones work, enthusiastically as unto the Lord. I dud that and began to see results that were tangible. I've also had a few things miraculously drop in my lap too, just another by product of getting in alignment, and presenting my best self everyday.
Once my attitude changed, I actually became more relaxed. I no longer felt anxious and nervous, trying to "fake the funk" wearing a mask of false vibrado. Instead, I became eloquent, articulate and decisive in my speech, with just the right amount of HUMOUR. Those who couldn't accept me, were just not "my clients". I was able to accept peoples right to refusal, and move on. I did notice, there were a lot LESS refusals though... Oh yeah, about the dressing it became much classier. No more jeans and tee shirts. Clothes "really do make the man" and I've noticed a marked increase in personal confidence when I'm quote,"dressed".
The last secret is that you have to be committed to doing your best everyday. If you let thins slip, you'll slide gradually back into starving artist, failure mode... Trust me, been there done that too.

Wow. That was preachy.

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