Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A couple of years ago, cartoonist/marketer extraordinare, Bruce Blitz made the observation about me that although I was adept at drawing exaggerated caricatures, a semi realism, that I was, as he put it, "A cartoonist, FIRST!" He was definitely right. Cartooning is my first love, and I love to incorporate it into my own caricature style. I'm inspired by other great caricature/cartoonists like Kenny Durkin, Pete Emslie, Steve Silver, Hrschfeld, and the afore mentioned Bruce Blitz.

Although each artist has their own signature style, each share that intangible element of clean crisp design of their characters.
The concept of good design is somewhat elusive, but it's a combination of clear flowing economy of line, store clear geometric shapes, and easily identifiable curves and straights. When these elements are present in ones work, the cartoon/caricature takes on a personality that makes their characters instant,y recognizable, and pleasing to the eye.

When putting together your cartoons always strive for goid clean design. Start learning by copying the work of other artists who embody this quality. In time you will learn it by imitation.trust me, it's worth it. It helps to pretend that you are part of a production team of animators, and ten other artists have to copy your design. This exercise will develop your design skills in no time, and you'll have a new skill under your belt....Character Designer!

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