Wednesday, October 05, 2011


It turns out that "god" is dead today. Alas, Steve Jobs, is mere flesh blood and bones just like the rest of us.

I know my aforementioned remark will come of as cynical to most people, and I apologize for that. My heart goes out to his family, his friends, and the men and women who worked beside him to create the most revolutionary products the planet has ever seen. I'm grateful to Steve Jobs and applaud his vision, creativity and genus. Heck, I'm typing this on the iPad he envisioned, which has made my job as an illustrator a billion times easier.

Yet I maintain that for many of his legion of fan "god died today" and that reality leaves us all with a sober reminder: man, no matter how great, in the cosmic scheme of eternity, is only a vapor in comparison. In our arrogance and enthusiasm to applaud ourselves, we forget that, as we go about worshipping the works and clever devices of our own hands, or those made by the gods we make, like Steve Jobs.

No, I'm NOT saying, that Steve is now "going to hell" and suffering for his "arrogance", what I am saying is that every now and then, with the passing of a notable public figure, we are all reminded of our own frail humanity, and also start speculating about eternity and our place in it.

I find it particularly touching that as his health began to take a turn for the worst, Steve Jobs did not give his undivided attention to the creation if a new electronic device, or business venture. Instead, according to a New York Post article, he was working diligently on a biography for his children. His desire, was that they would know him, in his own words. As a father myself who has written many letters to his children over the years, that is precious to me, and resonates on a deeper level. As men it's sometimes difficult to express in words the deep love we have for our kids, even if, on the surface, it doesn't show. The culture f manhood sometimes demands that we be driven and stoic in our desire to build a business or reputation. The more successful the man, perhaps the most difficult this is. I hope he completed that project. For those of us who remain, there is a great lesson in this. I pray that we learn it. I pray that I learn it as well.

Steve Jobs was a great man who inspired us to dream, and to create. His final lesson causes us to THINK about the one journey we all will take.

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