Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I got a chance to follow through on one of my New Years resolutions of experimenting with a new medium, Watercolor, in 2012. After working beside my collegue, Kenly Dillard, I always admired the beauty f his caricature paintings, nit to mention his audience response, whenever he added watercolor to his caricature. I vowed several times in 2011, that ud follow his lead, but never did. I decided to dive right in, a d started with a face that I thought was kinda fun, namely DJ Chuck of K Love radio. I don't know hw Chuck feels about the picture, but I love the results! I applied the same shading principles to the watercolor as I would to pencil, and the results were great! I feel very encouraged. Since I'm just getting used to this, I decided to severly limit my color choice and I think I will stick to monochromatic for a while.

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