Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"you made me look STOOPID"

I was actually scanning this wrong but liked the result of having it off center better to create a mood.
The was what I considered a great caricature of a young lady who posed for me while drawing on the street. She thought the exaggeration made her look "stoopid" and promptly left without paying. Funny thing is, I really wasnt going for "killer exaggeration" on this one. I still thinkIt makes her look kinda cute. This is the frustrating thing about drawing young women. SO many of them as SO caught up in theri appearance that they literally seem to define themselves by how they look from moment to moment, never stopping to laugh at themselves even for a caricature, which by its bery nature is ... humorous.
No wonder Plastic surgeons are making millions....


Joel said...

Hi Elgin,

I agree 100%. I once sat for a caricature with an old girlfriend and I loved the result. My girlfriend was so upset with the drawing that for days she obsessed with how the artists drew her forehead. The truth is, he was right on in his drawing.

Nice work man!

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

It's usually women who freak out about the caricatures....sorry ladies, but it's TROOOO!!! You can sometimes draw them using total photo realism and if it doesnt connect with the image they have in mind they give you the "sinky face" I find that AMERICAN women have this problem more than any one else.