Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I EXAGGERATE FACES NOT RACES! Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling

If you've been following my blog for the last couple of days you know about the accusations leveled at me from disgruntled Queens Congressman, Gregory Meeks, concerning what he feels is a racist caricature drawn of him and Senator Malcolm Smith in a recent Wave Newspaper Editrial.

Wow..sorry about the run on sentence! Take a moment to get your breath back before continuing...

The Congressman may be under the impression that I'm targeting him and his collegue for visual abuse, but the fact is that I'm just doing what I've always done as a caricature artist.

Let me make this perfectly clear:


That would be, and is, divisive, negative and inflamatory.



Which all races, happen to have!

I do this in my work as a party artist(when requested, and if the person can take it) I do this in my personal depictions of subway riders as can be seen on the blog, and hence the moniker, "Subwaysurfer" and yes, I do it in my Editorial Political Cartooning.

I am re showing a series of pictures from my archives here to demonstrate that this is my standard way of drawing, it is specific to the caricarture art form as a whole, and it's just plain fun! I'm done this to folks of every race! As I will demonstrate in future posts.

Blackafroamericannegroafricanamericanpeopleofcolor are just plain fun to draw. You get such a diversity of very EXTREME features already with noses lips and headshapes. I've met a lot of white caricature artists who can really draw who somehow get a little shy when having to draw a black person for fear of "offending them" While its TROO that you will sometimes get gripes about "you made my nose too big," "my lips aint that big!" etc. Just think, these are the gripes that EVERYONE gives us regardless of race. I say if theres an outstanding feature , GO FOR IT! I always do....

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