Saturday, July 26, 2008

my apologies to Sean Gardner

I set out to draw one of my favorite caricature artists, Sean Gardner, and for some reason literally crashed and burned not only on the likeness, but on the coloring technique as well.

I started out KNOWING what I WANTED to do with this face, but as sometimes happens in caricatue drawing, I got so excited to draw the picture, exaggerate the likeness do the coloring perfect that I commited the sin of letting my Left Brain do TOO much thinking and I crashed and burned. In order to do GREAT drawing you have to take an almost zen line apprach to a face. Just draw the face... dont get excited, or unexcited about it. Just look , draw, see and let it happen... I KNOW this makes total sense to all you caricature artists out there.....One of my favorite books of all time is "Drawing on the right side of the brain" which goes into this right brain drawing concept brilliantly. If you havent read it, I highly recommend it to ANY caricature artist.

.......Okay, commercial break is over...

I thought about NOT posting it, but then re thought it again. Maybe it's important to not only show great caricature but also horrendous ones, like this. Its part of the whole process of being and artist, and no matter how good an artist I think I am, I always gotta remember that Im only as good as the last picture Ive drawn. Sean If you are looking at this, my apologies! I will do another one!

In my defense, I WAS rushing to draw this. My wife wanted me to take out the garbage or walk the dog, or something..... Just goes to show you that good art doesnt just "happen" and cant be rushed! it takes TIME!

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Emily said...

True about the Zen approach to faces...
but I don't feel this is as bad as you think it is. Although I have only seen Sean in photos myself, I think it is a decent likeness. What I particularly like about it is the attutude and personality that comes through even though he is wearing shades. You caught that!